The Guild- Fundraising for the Clinic

There are many ways to volunteer for the clinic and you don't have to be a healthcare professional to make impact at Heart and Soul Free Clinic and the community.

The Heart and Soul Free Clinic Guild is a group of volunteers that organizes and coordinates fundraising events throughout the year to support the clinic.

Guild President: Jen Vrooman

Guild Vice President: Julie Downs

Guild Treasurer/Secretary: Robin Schneider

Pay Guild Dues:

The Guild has the Goal to raise $100,000 for 2021.

The intent of Guild meetings is to have fun, socialize and create purposeful fellowship towards the sustainability of the Heart and Soul Free Clinic.

·Each Member will be expected to contribute $50 yearly for dues. Dues will be tracked by the Guild treasurer.

·Each member is responsible to attend 3 of the 4 Quarterly Meetings. Attendance will be tracked by Guild Secretary. Regular attendance at meetings reinforces the social connections and friendships that are important for fundraising and event planning!

·Each member is expected to complete Heart and Soul Clinic volunteer registration form

·Each member is expected to track service hours (service hours are tracked for Grant purposes).

·Each member is expected to recruit new Guild members.

·Awards for most Guild service hours will be given at the end of each year

·All members that have paid dues will have their name placed on the Heart and Soul Clinic website under the Guild tab (with the member’s permission)

·If needed, Guild members can meet more frequently for event planning purposes

·The Guild executive team will write a report of Guild fundraising progress for each quarterly Heart and Soul Clinic Board Meetings.


Jen Vrooman

Julie Downs

Robin Schneider

Stacey Sobczak

Jackie Hiatt

Maria Mabe

Kim Decker