Westfield Pharmacy is still OPEN!

Written by: Lisa Kreag Posted on: September 15, 2019 Blog: News

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Westfield Pharmacy is still OPEN!
Despite rumor and newscasts, Westfield Pharmacy is open and still a wonderful partner for Heart and Soul!
• Flu season is upon us. If you go to Westfield Pharmacy for your flu shot, use your private insurance and inform them that you are a Heart and Soul supporter, the pharmacy will donate $1 to the clinic!
•For every new patient to Westfield Pharmacy that transfers their medications to the pharmacy and identifies themselves as a sponsor of Heart and Soul (i.e. they have been filling maintenance medications at another pharmacy written by a non-Heart and Soul prescriber) the pharmacyI will give a one-time donation of $5 per patient. The donation will be released after he/she completes the pickup of their second refill with our pharmacy.

This generous offer will also be honored at Sheridan Elliott Pharmacy. These pharmacies are so committed to our community that they not only support Heart and Soul Free Clinic but also Trinity Free Clinic as well.